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* Compatible electronic devices using Micro USB chargers - mobile phones, laptops, tablets, cameras, Comes with Micro USB cable, Will charge a smartphone 2 times before it needs its own charge, 5200 mAh power bank
* Charges iPod in 60 min, iPhone/smartphones in 90 min, iPad in 3 hours, Has 2 output ports to charge 2 devices simultaneously. One port is optimized for charging iPads and other tablets that require 2mAh,
* Recharges smartphone 2 times before needing to be charged, USB to Micro USB, Digital display for battery status , One port optimized charge for iPads and other tablets that require 2 mAh,
* Digital meter to know the exact power left, 2 USB ports to charge two gadgets at the same time , Small and stylish to fit any pocket or bag

Miikey Miipower 2 - 5200 mAh Capacity , 2 Charging USB ports Power Bank

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